Our Story

Founded in 2012, Ellicium is a young and passionate Big Data and Data Science company. We believe that Big Data Technologies can empower businesses to take right decisions, work we have done since our inception testifies the same. We want to help businesses to access business critical information fast and comprehend it easily. Ellicium is focused on providing solutions and developing products to derive insights from unstructured data and streaming data.

Our heroes,’ Ellicians’ as we call them are mix of data nerds, shrewd business analysts and competent data visualizers. Business understanding, result obsessed team and highest technical capabilities mixed with creativity makes us one crazy big data solution company.

We are here to conquer the world of data with our courage, convocation and zeal to disrupt.



  • Incorporation in India with office in Pune .
  • Delivered first 2 BI solutions .



  • Implemented first IoT solution on Hadoop platform.
  • First Data science implementations go live.



  • First client in Australia.
  • Developed big data solution for Fintech Lending.



  • Incorporated in the US with office in Santa Clara, CA.
  • 4 large scale production implementation of Hadoop solutions.



  • Recognized as top 100 big data solution providers by CIOReview.
  • Large scale artificial intelligence implementation for legal companies.

Meet The Team