Legal and KPO

Legal and KPO

Legal research traditionally involves manually reviewing case law to find relevant precedents.
Similarly, other Knowledge professionals such as market research professionals spend weeks sifting through documents to find the information they need.
Ellicium provides solutions to leverage Artificial Intelligence to derive insights from large volume of textual data.

Our Focus Areas

Legal Discovery

Ellicium Gadfly platform leverages public data for legal insights. This includes data extraction, classification and summarization using artificial intelligence.

Predictive coding

Predictive coding is the use of keyword search, filtering and sampling to automate document review. The goal of predictive coding is to reduce the number of irrelevant and non-responsive documents that need to be reviewed manually. Ellicium Gadfly platform provides web based as well as desktop applications for predictive coding.

Operational analytics for legal business

Our cloud based operational analytics solution for legal business provides ability to monitor Quality and Quantity of cases delivered, performance of the team as well as predict quality of cases.

Meet The Expert

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Kuldeep Deshpande

Kuldeep has over 15 years' experience in solving complex problems in financial services industry. He has experience of implementing solutions to meet regulations such as Basel II, OFAC and Solvency for clients in US and Europe. He was instrumental in designing solutions to forecast loan losses and also to conduct stress tests on portfoilios of banks during and after sub prime crisis. Kuldeep has architected enterprise datawarehouse solutions for 10 banks across the globe. Kuldeep holds 'International Certificate in Banking Risk and Regulations' from Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP)