The quest for increasing efficiency, reducing costs and streamlining processes in manufacturing is an eternal one. Data has been a major tool in this quest. Big Data and Internet of Things have opened new avenues for manufacturing organizations to leverage data and gain competitive advantage.

Ellicium has helped number of manufacturing organizations of various sizes and based in various geographies to leverage big data to gain competitive advantage.

Our Focus Areas

Manufacturing Datawarehouse

Manufacturing organizations, large or small, use number of transactional systems. This proliferation of data systems has made datawarehouse an essential component of IT landscape of manufacturing companies. Ellicium manufacturing datawarehouse framework has capability to integrate data from SAP, CRM, Accounting systems, call centre data, machine logs and provide insights to various business stakeholders.

Customer Analytics

Customer data in manufacturing organizations is spread across multiple IT systems. A 360 degree view of customer can provide many advantages like increased sales, higher product per customer, increased cross and up sell revenues, predictable customer service etc. Ellicium Intellectual Property Customer Intelligence framework accelerates customer intelligence programs by as much as 40%.

Internet of Things

Ellicium Gazelle platform offers capability to stream data from machine sensors monitoring manufacturing plants. With this accurate and timely data about machines, manufacturing plants can be monitored in real time.

We have helped our customers answer questions like:

  • What is OEE machine and plant ?
  • Which machines are likely to fail ?
  • What is dragging down productivity of a plant ?
  • What is energy consumption per unit production ?

Meet The Expert

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Yogesh Kulkarni

Yogesh has over 18 years' experience in implementing ERP, Big Data and Predictive analytics solutions for manufacturing industry. His focus area is implementation of streaming data analytics, mainly from IoT devices.