Big Data

Big Data

Big Data is no more just a buzzword. Organisation's have realized that in order to stay competitive in the marketplace, they need to gain a complete understanding of the environment they work in, their customers, competitors, products and vendors. This can only be done by leveraging the set of tools and techniques which are available in the Big Data space and which offer a cost-effective and scalable way of handling the enormous amounts of unstructured and rapidly data. At Ellicium, our expertise in architecting, designing and implementing Big Data Solutions has enabled our clients to overcome the hurdles of adopting Big Data technology and reveal insights which they were hitherto unaware of. .

Ellicium’s Big Data Offerings

Hadoop Adoption Solution
Hadoop Adoption Solution

This is our structured methodology to help companies adopt best possible Big Data technology in a risk-free manner. It starts with a Needs and Readiness assessment and progresses to the identification of technologies suitable to your business objectives and building a Hadoop Minimum Viable Solution (MVS). It also includes assisting you to graduate to a full-fledged production implementation and realizing full value. This solution has helped one of our IOT clients to successfully re-platform to Hadoop.

Hadoop Migration Methodology

Ellicium’s Hadoop Migration Methodology is our Infrastructure, Data and Application migration methodology which allows our clients to stay competitive in the world of rapidly changing technology. It also allows them to benefit from newer features available in latest software versions of the Big Data toolkit. One of our clients experienced 30% reduction in TCO by using this methodology in migrating to a competitive cloud offering.

Big Data MDM Framework

Ellicium’s Big Data MDM Framework is a robust, generalized and scalable solution for Fuzzy Matching. It includes a configurable and reusable centralized Fuzzy Matching module. It is based on the principle “right tools for the right purpose” and leverages the niche Big Data technologies such as Spark, Hadoop and Elastic search.

Data warehouse on Hadoop

With massive parallel processing ability, Hadoop ecosystem can be effectively leveraged for processing large Data warehouse workloads. Ellicium has successfully implemented data warehouses on platforms such as Google Big query, Cloudera Hadoop and Hortonworks Tez.

Meet The Expert

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Ashish Sanadhya

Ashish has got his hands dirty on Big Data and Statistics. He goes beneath the surface of a problem, find the questions at its heart, and distill them into a very clear set of hypotheses that can be tested. He has published paper in ICDM and HiPC.He is evangelist of free and open Source Software. Ashish lives and breathes in Hadoop ecosystem. He spends his free time on Stack Overflow, Quora, Kaggle,Git.

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Onkar Khaladkar

Onkar is Big Data big data nerd. He has worked extensively in Hadoop, MapReduce, Flume, HDFS, Hive, Hbase, Impala, Pig, Sqoop, ZooKeeper,Spark, Nutch. He is passionate about understanding business problem and finding solutions.