My Journey As A Recruiter At Ellicium…

Apr 3, 2021 | Blog

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My Journey As A Recruiter At Ellicium…

As a recruiter, joining any new company is always a challenge. Understanding the ins and outs of the company is critical to the success of a recruiter. When I joined Ellicium it was a whole new experience for me. Ellicium being a company that deals in the niche market of Big Data, Data Science and Machine learning was very different from my previous company. This provided me an opportunity to grow and learn not just about recruiting but also about the wonders of Big Data and Machine Learning. Although the process of learning was long and arduous, it is very rewarding.

A personal eye-opening moment for me was when my senior and I worked together for the screening and shortlisting of potential candidates for Ellicium. I witnessed him breezing through the resumes accurately pinpointing exactly which candidates are suitable for the job profile. I was amazed at the speed he was working and asked him “How do you know which candidates are suitable for the job?” and to this he replied that “we always look for a right candidate instead of only the best candidate.”

Just as an exercise I attend all technical interviews to learn all aspects of technical recruitments like shortlisting, screening and the process of conducting interviews. Through my experiences, I have learned a few vital lessons from my seniors and colleagues about the qualities of a good recruiter. I would like to share some of the Experiences through these points –

  • Empathy

    All candidates are different and unique in their own way. The recruiter must get to know the candidate and realize what motivates them. This is the way to truly evaluate a person and it can only be done when the recruiter is empathetic with the candidate.

  • Understand the role requirements

    As a recruiter, you have to understand the role you’re hiring for and know what exactly the key requirements are for the specific role you are hiring for. This will help you identify the right candidates. In any company, Understanding the role for which you’re hiring for is crucial for the success of hiring the right candidate.

  • Should be Unbiased

    As a recruiter, there are many biases that can be present such a social, cultural or educational bias. These biases narrow a recruiter’s view for potential candidates and in turn, decreases the chance of hiring the right candidate. A good recruiter always looks at the bigger picture.

  • Be Good at Time management

    A good Recruiter will often be working on a number of requirements. In recruiting, there are no good or bad experiences – just learning experiences in a short period of time. Sometimes certain roles may need to be prioritized due to a higher level of urgency to fill the position, so they must also be good at managing their time effectively.

  • Have Patience

    Things don’t often go according to the plan and the recruiter must be patient if interviews need to be rescheduled, or they don’t find the right person in the first round. Though this can sometimes be frustrating, it’s important to keep your cool and be professional about it.

  • Have an Approachable demeanour

    Recruiters are regarded as the face of the company. All candidates view the company based on the first impression from the recruiters. Therefore, recruiters should be inviting and approachable to create a good rapport with the candidate. They must also promote the company.

  • Communication

    A good recruiter must always be a good communicator. Good communication will drastically decrease the chances for misinterpretation by the candidate. The candidates should be informed about his progress along the course of the interview to have a smooth recruiting process.

Just by understanding these points I have a renewed appreciation for the recruitment process. These few points have helped me understand what it means to be a good recruiter.

In today’s world technology is advancing at a rapid pace and so is Ellicium. There is always something new to learn and an always increasing chance for me to grow!  

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