Vaidehi Celebrates 5 years at Ellicium Solutions

Apr 3, 2021 | Blog

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Vaidehi Celebrates 5 years at Ellicium Solutions

As Vaidehi celebrates 5 years at Ellicium, here she shares her thoughts about this journey.

I vividly remember being fascinated by computers as an 8th standard student. It was then that I decided that whatever I do as a grownup, it must have computers at the center. Eventually, I finished my engineering in computer science from Ahmedabad and moved to Pune in search of employment. Bestowed with independence, I was a girl trying to find employment. I became part of the initial team at Ellicium. I was the first woman and the fourth team member to join Ellicium. Unaware of the words like Start-up, Big Data or Business Intelligence, I just jumped on the opportunity. Every day I was learning something new. Every day I was exposed to a new challenge. Within a month of joining, I was working on a live project. The responsibility of the project made me believe in myself and pushed me to believe in my team as they had in me. They encouraged to work on integral parts of them.   

Memorable Glimpses at Ellicium

I still remember the round and only table in our very first office. Seating around it, we conquered many of our first wins. From that team of 6, we are now a team of 70 strong Ellicians! From being a single person participating in all projects, now heading a team of 20, Ellicium has given me every opportunity I can dream of. Though 5 years is just a number, I feel happy to be a part of Ellicium’s wonderful journey.  This place has given me so much! I got extraordinary mentors like Kuldeep and Yogesh who taught me and encouraged to learn more. Under EDGE – Educational Development and Growth by Ellicium, I got an opportunity to take MTech course.

In today’s world, the line between professional and personal life is disappearing fast. Ellicium is a home away from home for me. This place made me believe in myself and made me believe in others. Be it letting me interact with clients or leading a crucial project, it humbles me to know the belief all Ellicians have placed in me. I believe that Ellicium will keep on reaching new heights. And when it happens, I wish to be there cheering for the team.

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