My Learnings From Building A Marketing Practice At A Tech Company

My Learnings From Building A Marketing Practice At A Tech Company

Recently I completed 3 years as a marketer at Ellicium Solutions Inc. I have compiled all my learnings over the last three years in this post. It has been an amazing experience to build a marketing practice for a tech company working on cutting edge technologies.

Quick background, before joining Ellicium, I had always worked with agencies. In a way, this was my first experience working inhouse. On top of that, I was the first specialist marketer to join the team of techies.


1) Create An Actionable Plan

Starting marketing practice from scratch is fun as well as challenging. The first thing you should is to set objectives and KPIs in cognizance with stakeholders. Write and present a detailed plan for at least the next three months with achievable KPIs. Keep repeating this afterward. The plan should detail out an action plan for every week.

2) Macro and Micro Goals

The best way to set KPI, specifically for Digital Marketing is to divide them into Macro & Micro KPIs. Example: Macro – Improve the bounce rate by 10% over three months Micro: Write 3 engaging articles every month getting ‘X’ amount of traffic every month

3) Create A Culture of Writing

If you are a tech company like ours, the best way to reach your audience is to produce and spread niche content consistently. Create a culture of writing in your organization. We pushed and encouraged every techie to write on the problem they recently solved. It helped us to write more than 70 articles over three years driving tonnes of traffic and business. We even present these articles to prospects when they want to know our capabilities.

4) Consistently Track And Report

The best way to let your management know that things are working is to create weekly and monthly custom reports of all your marketing activities. Google Analytics and Google Search Console are your friends. We have created a very inclusive weekly and monthly report, which has matured to give a clear picture to all our stakeholders.

5) SEO Is All About Content, everything else is secondary

Content is the heart of SEO. Without doing any link building, some of our articles are ranking on the first SERP. There are plenty of guidelines on this forum on how to do research for keywords. Use them! All content marketing rules apply here!

6) Bounce Rate Is What Matters!

7) People’s Digital Presence Energises Brand’s Digital Presence

This is my advice to get better results on Social Media Marketing for tech companies. Train and encourage all your stakeholders to use social media extensively. In our case, each individual gets training on how to use LinkedIn and how to promote our brand through their personal profile. First-person I trained in our organization was our CEO and we have achieved a lot more through LinkedIn then we thought of.

8) Understand The Industry, Understand The Ecosystem

Big Data, Analytics, and AI are oceans of their own. It took me a long time to even have a basic understanding of them. You can accelerate this process by talking to experts around you. You can provide good marketing solutions when you understand the ecosystem around that industry. Read all leading online publications around!

9) Case Studies Are Your Greatest Marketing Weapons

We wrote more than 50 case studies, creating them in all possible formats to be shared with various prospects.

10) Learn To Design

As a marketer, this is a vital skill to have. In our case, we never needed a full-time designer. Given that we do presentations every week to prospects, it was still needed to design extensive ppts. After lots of struggle, I aced it. Subsequently, it helped me to design social media posts, brochures, and flyers. We tried designers but it never worked well as our tech business was hard to explain. So me doing designs actually helped us to accelerate marketing reach! Best tools for social media posts: Canva, PowerPoint for everything else!

This has already become a long read. If you all find value in these points, then I will write the next part. If you need further elaboration on any point, do let me know in the comment section.

Kunal Gandhi
Marketer At Ellicium