Company Culture


At Ellicium be ready for contagious excitement, worthy challenges and enriching learning experience every day. We trust in the process of failing fast and learning fast.

You will find 'Ellicians' putting their heart to get the perfect dish during our monthly potlucks or arguing over best Nolan movie during lunch breaks. It is all about having fun!

We are passionate people with immense love for what we do and we are proud of what we have created! .

What Makes Us Different

Ongoing Trainings

At Ellicium, mentor driven training programs are essential part of our culture. This helps us to stay sharp and win…always! We also have specially designed training program for freshers. This is where seed to be ‘Ellician’ is sown.

Inspirational Walls

This project was started to create coherent inspirational environment at Ellicium workplace. All Ellicians collaborated to get quotes and visuals on the walls they can get an inspiration from. And as its seen, inspiration is contagious. Visit us and you will know!.


We work hard, we have fun and we make a difference. Our laugh riots will blow you away. We are at home, away from home.

We Accomplish…Together!

We collaborate, integrate, agree, disagree, argue but make sure to lead and accomplish together. We encourage and push everyone for open collaborative work place.

EDGE - Educational Development and Growth Scheme by Ellicium

Through EDGE, Ellicium sponsors continuing education for employees. We empower our team members to get higher education in the field of business management or technology from renowned institute.