Data Science

Data Science

Data Science has generated a lot of buzz in the last few years. With the increasing use of Statistical Modeling and Analytical tools, companies are looking towards Data Science to provide better insights into the data available to them and with better accuracy. There is a plethora of Data Science tools available in the market; however without the know-how of which one to use, where and how, the task of making meaningful business decisions and deriving value is not easy.

At Ellicium, we possess the expertise to engage with Business users, architect and design appropriate Data Science Solutions and implement them with “guaranteed accuracy”. This has enabled our clients to successfully rely on data-driven decisions and thereby achieve their business objectives.

Ellicium’s Data Science Offerings

Legal Discovery Solution

Ellicium’s Legal Discovery Solution is a solution for companies who need to monitor Federal and State level legislations, identify changes to content and tag them as either “relevant” or “non-relevant”, specific to their business area. Currently, several companies who have this need, resort to doing it manually and engage a team of expensive resources who do it on an ongoing basis. However, apart from high costs and time, the accuracy is less than expected. Ellicium’s Legal Discovery Solution has an embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine which uses an ensemble of Machine Learning algorithms for fast and accurate classification of legal websites, making the process very easy to manage.
This solution has helped one of our clients, a leading Legal Process Outsourcing in the US, to reduce the effort of Legal Discovery by 85% and costs by $1 million.

Social Media Lending Scorecard

This is our solution for Fintech companies who need to have a rapid turnaround for lending decisions without resorting to Financial data only. Our Social Media Scorecard solution uses data from industry specific social media sites as input for lending decisions. It contains a text mining based lending decision engine which provides a scorecard based on Financial as well as Social Media parameters thereby enabling the lending company to take better decisions. One of the alternate lending small businesses Fintech company in Australia is using this solution with great success.

Regulatory Technology Solution

Most companies need to follow regulatory requirements specific to their domain and the traditional approach is to do it using manual efforts. This involves monitoring various government websites, identifying changes and taking appropriate action. However, the effort spent to monitor and detect changes is huge. Also, thanks to human errors, the output is less than satisfactory.
Ellicium’s Regulatory Technology Solution enables companies to comfortably monitor regulatory requirements using technology. It not only saves efforts and costs but makes the process more accurate and less time consuming. This solution has helped one of our clients, a Big Four Auditing Firm, to reduce the effort and cost to monitor regulations by almost 50%.

Meet The Expert

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Rohan Karanjawala

Rohan comes with about 15 years’ experience of implementing Data warehouses mainly for large and mid sized banks in Europe and US. He has architected data warehouse implementations based on Teradata, Informatica, Oracle and Hadoop technologies. His focus areas are large scale ETL design, Data quality implementation and data modelling.

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Shubham Shirude

Shubham is Data Science geek. Passionate coder at heart, he has immense interest in playing with various algorithms to find the right fit for solution. His focus areas are data science, machine learning and Big Data.