Data Warehousing

Data Warehouse

Over last three decades, Data warehouses have become backbone of decision making. With increasing proliferation of business systems, data integration and data provisioning for decision making has become an important aspect for survival of organizations. ‘Data hungry’ compliance regulations, need for real time data integration, increasing importance of unstructured data are all some of the phenomenon posing challenges to the Data warehouses implementations. At Ellicium we specialize in architecture, design and implementation of Data warehouses and data marts. .

Ellicium Datawarehousing offerings

Financial services Enterprise Datawarehouse

Ellicium provides proprietary data model for Financial services EDW specifically for lending industry. This data model consists of various subject areas like accounts, transactions, applications, collections, contracts and collateral. Focused data marts for risk and compliance and customer analytics is a feature of our FS EDW offering.

Manufacturing Datawarehouse

Ellicium Manufacturing data warehouse provides integrated view of products, sales, customers, quality assurance and finance. With ready to use mapping with SAP, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle ERP, this model provides about 40% reduction in implementation timelines.

Data warehouse on Hadoop

With massive parallel processing ability, Hadoop ecosystem can be effectively leveraged for processing largeData warehouse workloads. Ellicium has successfully implemented Data warehouse on platforms such as Google Bigquery, Cloudera Hadoop and Hortonworks Tez.

Customer Datamart

Ellicium customer intelligence data mart provides facilities for single view of customer, integrating data from various internal and external data sources including social media. Our customer intelligence framework has a built in fuzzy matching engine for customer reduplication.

Meet The Expert

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Rohan Karanjawala

Rohan comes with about 15 years’ experience of implementing Data warehouses mainly for large and mid sized banks in Europe and US. He has architected data warehouse implementations based on Teradata, Informatica, Oracle and Hadoop technologies. His focus areas are large scale ETL design, Data quality implementation and data modelling..