Deokant…The First Ellician!

Deokant…The First Ellician!

Deokant was the first Ellician to join Ellicium. Ellicium celebrates its 5th anniversary today, and so is Deokant. Celebrating Ellicium’s and his journey of a half decade, I got in conversation with him. Even when congratulatory messages were pouring in on Ellicium’s internal WhatsApp group, Deokant was busy in sailing through Pentaho, his favorite BI tool. But somehow, I managed to sneak in and get his time.

Here is detail account of our discussion.

K: Congratulations! So how it feels to celebrate half decade at Ellicium?

D: Haha…that makes me feel old. And thank you! This might sound like cliched, but these five years went so fast. I feel great!

K: How were initial days? You must have faced many challenges; how did you tackle them?

D: I still remember 1st May 2012, when I joined Ellicium as Software Developer. I was happiest as I got my first job. Though I had my own concerns as Ellicium was just starting off and I was the only member without any prior experience. But I trusted my instincts and started working.

I got trained in BI and I was deployed on client site. Our client that time just started using Pentaho and I was the only person who knew bit about it. Pentaho version that time was 4.0, right now it is 7.0. I struggled a lot to find relevant guidance – support, as usage and information was limited that time. But Kuldeep pushed me to learn by doing. Eventually I got hands on. Those were the days when I developed my own learning approach. I could build solid base for myself. That was amazing time of discovering and trying out things.

K: I can imagine how hard it must have been to work on Pentaho 4.0 that time. Now I know why everyone calls you Pentaho master! Tell me about your first Big Data project.

D: Eventfully we got Big Data work from India’s leading IoT company. It was machine to machine project. That is when I got introduced to Big Data technologies. I was fortunate to get to work on such a big project, being a fresher.

K: I heard you are a BI guy.

D: I have always enjoyed learning and executing BI. I live in the world of Data Visualisation. Since the beginning, I was always in interaction with business owners. For me, it has been oddly satisfying to aid business owners with useful visualisation of critical data.

K: Great to hear that! As we are talking about, what skills you developed while being a BI guy?

D: I believe, you should be skilled in UI to be useful BI person. I started learning Java Script, PHP. I love PHP! Same happened with PHP as Pentaho, when I started learning it by discovering 5 years back. I got chance to work on BI and UI both since day one.

K: You love teaching. Would you like to talk more about it?

D: I have always been a natural teacher. I enjoy it! I don’t know how, but it is intrinsic. It is fun to work with those, to whom you have taught.

K: Can you recall one challenging day?

D:  It is on top of my head! One of the client wanted to have analyser report, which is nothing but a drill down report. Pentaho was not equipped to do it that time. But client was in dire need of that and wanted it as soon as possible. I requested for one day. That day turned out to be a longest day! At the end of it, I could find the solution. Client was happy. They appreciated me a lot and requested to conduct a session on it for their employees. What a day it was! It was great achievement for me personally.

K: How you think these 5 years have shaped you?

D: From day one, I was working at client site. It was challenging to understand client requirements, shared in their standard language. Only way to deliver work as requested, was to study about client processes and terminologies. During day, I used to work and during night I used to study. That grilling developed many skills in me. I have got opportunity to work on all advanced technologies. Ellicium always gave me opportunity to excel. This place has shaped me to be a team player, a teacher and a fighter!

K: You have worked with Kuldeep more than anyone else.

D: He has been great mentor! I have learned most important thing from him, to ‘Stay cool, stay calm’. I have never seen him running out of patience for me. He always supported me to succeed. I share many fond memories with him since my joining. I still crave for those long drives we used to have for client demos.

K: When you work so long at one place, you develop great friendships along the way. Everyone at Ellicium is fond of you.

D: I started working in team with Vaidehi, Ashish and Onkar; who were early team members. It was amazing experience. I have learned a lot from them. They have become my family! I cherish all those crazy days of working with them when we were a small team.

K: What helped you the most when it comes to Ellicium culture?

D: Friendly environment! You can share anything and everything with everyone. It makes working easy. There are no barriers. This has helped me a lot. It is a one big family!

K: Where do you see yourself in future?

D: Ellicium is my home. I, with Ellicium, have come a long way. It has been a fascinating journey from 1 Ellician to 40 Ellicians. I want to work more. It is my dream to see Ellcium succeed more and becoming a global organization. I want to see name of Ellicium to be taken in synonym with Big Data and BI. The way we are growing and working, I foresee that it will happen soon.

K:What is your advice to the new members of the Ellicium family?

D:The message I would like to share with new members is, trust themselves and have patience. There is solution for everything, just look around and find it.

Thank you much Deokant for sharing your journey! You are an inspiration!

(Deokant is our BI lead. You can connect with him here:


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