Dynamically Changing table/charts in Pentaho

Dynamically Changing table/charts in Pentaho

Recently, I came across a problem where I wanted to show multiple charts in a dashboard but the space should be utilized in an optimized way. There were multiple charts in that dashboard and these charts were supposed
to be placed in a small space. In this case, showing multiple very small sized charts is not appropriate.

You will get an idea on how to change the charts dynamically:

1.Passing parameters from a drop-down menu to Pentaho charts/tables.

You have to follow the below mentioned steps:

Step 1: Create a drop-down menu in Pentaho.

-Write a query for the drop-down menu.

–    Add a ‘Select Component’ to the Components.
–    Add parameter and listener to the select component.

Step 2: Create a chart.
–    Write a query for a chart.

–    Add the above created parameter to the chart query.

–    Add a ‘CCC Bar chart’ or ‘Pie Chart’ or a ‘table Component’.
–    Add parameters and listeners to this chart/table component.

The Chart will change dynamically as per the selection from the drop-down menu.