Enhanced 360 Degree View Of Customer For An Industrial Equipment Company

Enhanced 360 Degree View Of Customer For An Industrial Equipment Company

Our client is a leading Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) company based in Silicon Valley. The company has grown from a data historian start-up in1980s to a world leader in IoT.

This is a story about how Ellicium helped the company derive customer insights from a vast amount of customer data collected over decades.


Our client has over 10,000 customers spread across the globe. Over last 4 decades, the company collected a vast amount of customer interaction data.  This data was spread in multiple transactional systems such as SAP, Marketoand Microsoft Dynamics. Departments such as Purchase, Sales, Service, Marketing and Engineering had their own silos of customer information often resulting in duplication of data management effort with end result being incomplete customer information.

There were multiple challenges in getting a complete 360 degree view of the customers.

  • Lack of clear definition of terms like customer, account.
  • Multiple sources of customer data providing parts of information.
  • Duplicate data in multiple systems with no indication of recentness of information.
  • Absence of linkage between individuals and organizations.

Solution: Enhanced 360 Degree View of Customer

Ellicium business analysts worked with the business users to create an organization wide taxonomy of customer lifecycle. A detailed business process analysis was done

for this purpose. Next important activity was to map data from SAP, CRM and other systems to the customer taxonomy.

A customer datamart was implemented using Ellicium customer

data model framework. To link data across systems, an advanced fuzzy match based matching algorithm was implemented. Review of important customer data was done with business groups including sales teams, marketing and customer service.

A Customer Intelligence system using Microsoft Power BI was implemented to give a single point of access to entire customer data. Business users can search customer relationship details, potential opportunities, important news and announcements using this Customer Intelligence system and plan their activities.


As a direct result of availability of 360 degree view of the customer,

  • Size of customer data management team spread across various departments were business departments was reduced by 30%.
  • There was a 20% increase in leads generated by customer service department due to enhanced customer information availability.
  • Time required for data collection activity for a sales visit planning came down from 4 hours to 15 minutes.

Ellicium Intellectual Property Customer Intelligence framework accelerates customer intelligence programs by as much as 40%.