Ellicium's 'Gazelle' : Analytics platform for streaming data

Gazelles are known as swift animals. They run at a sustained high speed. Ability to run swiftly at high data speeds is very important for managing streaming data that is becoming core to the business applications today. Ellicium Gazelle is a framework for management and analytics of high velocity, streaming data.

Gazellecan manage various types of streaming data

Telemetrics data.

Stock exchange data feeds.

Mobile data streams.

Real time weather data.

Sensor data coming from IoT devices

High velocity social media data such as tweets.

Some interesting business applications of Ellicium Gazelle.

  • Remote monitoring of industrial assets using sensors
  • Predicting failure for machines using sensor data.
  • Insurance policy pricing by using telemetics data.
  • Real time customer experience measurement for telecom companies.
  • Fraud detection using real time transactional data.

Features of Gazelle platform.

  • Easy to use user interface to configure data streams. Business teams can configure new data streams in a matter of hours.
  • Configurable data quality engine for streaming data.
  • Hadoop and HBase based scalable data store capable of managing petabytes of streaming data.
  • Preconfigured machine learning algorithms with prebuilt use cases for predictions on streaming data.
  • Easy to use dashboards showing top of the house views of streaming data.