The Big Data And Cloud Sucees Story

Legacy Platform Modernization using Cloud and Big Data helps a Healthcare Organization in Multimillion-Dollar savings.



Our Expertise

Big Data, Cloud, Platform Reengineering

Key Benefits

  • $ 2 million cost saving in 1st year by retiring the Mainframe.
  • Reduced TCO of the healthcare systems
  • Simplified application design leveraging modern technologies.

Technologies Used


Our client is one of the largest healthcare organizations in the US and is focused on delivering services to residents in the Midwest region. The organization initiated an IT modernization program to reduce Total Cost of Ownership leveraging cloud and Big Data.

Organization had few critical applications running on an IBM mainframe. It also had several large datasets residing in the legacy environment. Some of these datasets were needed to be retained for few decades for compliance requirements. It was becoming cumbersome to maintain legacy system due to high costs and unavailability of skills.

Ellicium facilitated legacy application migration using Cloud and Big Data saving $2 Million.


Challenges with legacy systems

  • High cost of maintenance of Mainframe based document archival system.
  • Unavailability of skillsets to support legacy systems
  • Necessity to maintain datasets adhering to compliance for few decades

The Solution

Ellicium Big Data architects designed an architecture catering to business and technology needs of the organization. Data structures for EHR records, Pension, Employee data, Clinical results were analyzed to plan out migration strategy for storage and archival. Microsoft Azure and Cloudera were chosen as a platform. Compatibility, existing partnership with the organization and cost effectiveness were some of the factors leading to selection of these technologies. Azure VM services were used to setup Hadoop Cluster. For search of datasets Solr was used.

Enhanced user experience was built to overcome shortcomings of text-based experience of legacy system.

The Results

  • About $2 million saved by retiring legacy system
  • Accessibility of secure data from anywhere.
  • Translated Business Logic to Simplified tables.
  • Better user experience compared to previous text-based navigation
  • No impact on Business As Usual (BAU).

Overall, our solution helped the organization manage legacy data in a cost-effective way meeting the compliance requirements efficiently!


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