Webinar On Introduction To Text Analytics

Webinar On Introduction To Text Analytics

About Text Analytics Introduction Webinar

As well accepted stat, by 2020 digital universe will be of 40 zettabytes. In 1998, Merrill Lynch cited a rule of thumb that somewhere around 80-90% of all potentially usable business information may originate in unstructured form. Many reports and papers have suggested that, 70% – 80% potential usable business data is in unstructured format, effectively in text format. As of now, business use just 20% of all available data for insights and decision making, loosing on huge opportunity for getting invisible business insights. Given the exponential usage of social media and need for businesses to go beyond primary numeric data, text analytics is vital! As estimated  by Allied research, text analytics market will be of 6.5 Billion by 2020!

In this webinar, our expert will introduce you to the world of text analytics. From its history to next generation text analytics platforms, know everything! We will also do a exclusive demo of our unstructured data analytics tool ‘Gadfly’.

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Date:  18th May 2017

Time: 9 AM (IST)