Ellicium's 'Gadfly' : Analytics platform for unstructured data

Gadfly is a platform for management and analytics of unstructured data.
A gadfly is a person, who interferes with the status quo of a society by posing novel, potently upsetting questions.
Our decades of experience has taught us to uncover novel and challenging questions to business and we do this primarily using unstructured data. Hence we call ourselves ‘gadfly’ of the business world!
Ellicium’s Gadfly is a framework for analyzing unstructured data generated through Human interactions, extracting relevant information and presenting the intelligence.


What kind of data does Gadfly use to derive insights?

Social media data

Email exchanges

Legal and contractual documents

Interview texts, meeting notes

Customer interaction with sales, service and other departments

Ellicium Gadfly answers following types of questions:

  • What do customers think about a product or a service?
  • Based on consumer feedback, which new features will add value to the product?
  • Based on social media sentiments, which borrowers are likely to repay the loans on time?
  • I have a large set of documents to analyze, how do I do this effectively?
  • How to leverage large text data to achieve regulatory compliance?

Features of Gadfly platform:

  • Mature data ingestion engine that can ingest thousands of websites, scanned documents, multilingual texts and large volume contractual documents.
  • Ability to extract metadata from complex documents and convert unstructured data to structured data.
  • Large scale, Hadoop and Spark based machine learning algorithm with dozens of prebuilt use cases.
  • UI Based drag and drop text analytics designer enabling fast solutions to your text data problems.